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Samuel Hawley is a writer of narrative nonfiction and fiction. His books are highly eclectic. He has written about 16th-century East Asian history, 19th-century Korean-American relations, Olympic sprinting and land speed racing and a circus elephant named Topsy who was electrocuted in 1903. He lives in Kingston, Ontario.


green monster jet car bonneville
A Firestone publicity shot of the Green Monster at Bonneville, Oct. 1964. The paint job is a combination of Firestone red and Monster green--a "nice" green approved by company brass. (courtesy Tom Mayenschein)

arfons green monster crew 1964
The Green Monster crew, Bonneville, Oct. 1964. That's Henry Butkiewicz on the far left, Kay Kimes (3rd from left), Bud Groff (4th from left), Charlie Mayenschein (5th), Art Arfons (6th) and Ed Snyder (7th). George Calloway is at the far right. (courtesy Tom Mayenschein)

arfons green monster lsr
Green Monster, 1965, Bud Groff at far left, Charlie Mayenschein squatting by the cockpit. (courtesy Tom Mayenschein)

green monster jet car jim deist
Another shot of the Monster, 1965, Bud Groff by the cockpit, Jim Deist's station wagon behind. (courtesy Tom Mayenschein)

arfons green monster bonneville
Front view of the Monster, 1965, Art's bus in the background. The newly added sonic probe projecting from the jet car's nose is folded up here to admit the shaft from the start cart. The protective cover on the pointy end was to prevent anyone from getting stabbed. (courtesy Tom Mayenschein)

arfons green monster cockpit
The cockpit of the Green Monster, the leather gloves Art always wore resting on the dash. Look at those bolts sticking out near where Art's face would be. (courtesy Tom Mayenschein)

green monster land speed run
The Monster at the start of a run. Lack of the sonic probe dates this shot to Oct. 1964. (courtesy Tom Mayenschein)

bonneville green monster blow out
The hair-raising blow-outs Art survived (always the right rear tire) were explosive enough not just to destroy the tire but also the surrounding metal panels. In this photo, from Oct. 7, 1964, the damage has been largely cut away and a new wheel installed to transport the Monster  back home. Note Ed Snyder's name painted under the right-side cockpit. (courtesy Tom Mayenschein)

art arfons green monster damage
The Monster after yet another right-rear tire blow-out, this one on Nov. 7, 1965, is loaded onto its Firestone-provided truck for the long haul back to Akron. (courtesy Tom Mayenschein)

firestone green monster land speed
Another view of the Monster, 1965. The sides of the custom-built truck could be lowered, as here, for displaying the car. (courtesy Tom Mayenschein)

firestone art arfons land speed record
Getting ready to leave Bonneville, 1965. (courtesy Tom Mayenschein)

hawley speed duel land speed record

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