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Samuel Hawley is a writer. His books are highly eclectic. He has written about 16th-century East Asian history, 19th-century Korean-American relations, Olympic sprinting and land speed racing and a circus elephant named Topsy who was electrocuted in 1903. He lives in Kingston, Ontario.


These are images from a 16-page photo spread I prepared for "America's Man in Korea" that the publisher was unable to include in full in the book.

george foulk annapolis united states navy
George Clayton Foulk as a 16-year-old cadet at the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, circa 1872. "I came on board the Santee [a moored barracks ship for first-year plebes] on the 18th," he wrote to his uncle, "and did not receive a very cordial reception. The boys played a great many tricks on me..." (courtesy the Naval Historical Center, Washington DC)

george clayton foulk us navy ensign annapolis
Foulk at Annapolis at the time of his graduation in 1876, third in his class. (Naval Historical Center)

caroline foulk george clayton
Geroge Foulk's mother, Caroline Foulk. (Naval Historical Center)

george clayton foulk korea
Foulk's father, Clayton Foulk. (Naval Historical Center)

korea mission united states 1883
The Korean mission to the United States, 1883. Seated in front (left to right) are Percival Lowell, Hong Yong-sik, Min Yong-ik and So Kwang-bom; Pyon Su stands in back on the far right. Foulk did not much like Lowell, or the book he wrote on Korea, in which Foulk noticed "several very great mistakes, about the King's divine origin (not so) and the status of women...Lowell ought to know something about the women as he lived with the fair creatures he describes, and is said to have a child here."

george foulk us navy korea 1884
George Clayton Foulk circa 1884. (Naval Historical Center)

korea min yong-ik
Min Yong-ik, head of the Korean mission to the United States in 1883. This shot was taken in Hong Kong, April/May 1884, en route back to Korea.

USS Trenton 1880
The USS Trenton, which carried Foulk and the Korean mission to Korea in 1884. (Naval Historical Center)

korea chemulpo incheon 1884
The harbor at Chemulpo (today's Inchon) where Foulk landed in 1884.

lucuis foote korea
Lucius Foote, first US minister to Korea. He was "always pleasant and kind," Foulk wrote to his parents, "but as an officer he values his position too highly to act very decisively."

rose foote korea
Rose Foote, "a handsome woman with an awful temper...[She] wears the breeches." She and Foulk would clash.

foulk america's man in korea